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Sports Guards and Night (bite) Appliances in Essex

It’s important to keep your teeth safe from damage. Two of the major causes of damage to your teeth are from impacts to the mouth while playing sports and wear caused by nighttime grinding. Our guards and appliances prevent this damage and preserve the integrity of your smile.

Bite Appliances

Nighttime grinding can wear down the enamel of your teeth, and it can also result in your teeth being forced out of their proper alignment. Bite appliances keep you from grinding your teeth by holding your jaws in place while you’re asleep.

Sports Guards

Getting hit in the face is never fun, but an impact to your mouth can result in broken or knocked out teeth. Our sports guards can’t keep you from getting hit, but they can keep your teeth safe from damage if an impact happens.

Protect your teeth. Call us today to ask about our guards and appliances.